31 Days of Horror…Let the Scares Begin!

One of my favorite times of year is Fall…especially the time leading up to that fun, crazy, scary holiday with great eats. No, I’m not talking about Thanksgiving with the family! I’m referring to that wonderful holiday before that…uh, no, not Veteran’s Day, either. The one before that. Here’s your hint:

That’s right…Halloween! As a huge fan of Halloween (the holiday and the movie, which by the way I cannot watch all the way through because it’s my all-time-scariest-movie), and as a giant fan of the horror movie genre in general, every year I avoid watching the horror movies which have come out that year so that I can watch them all in October. (I also hope that by numbing myself over the month of October by watching hours upon hours of horror, I’ll be able to watch Halloween on Halloween, all the way to the end, without chickening out. So far, I have not succeeded.)


Anyway, last year I realized I had fallen a couple years behind in watching horror movies, so I decided I would watch one horror movie every day of October and offer up my reviews here. I chose many new movies I had held off on seeing all year, plus plenty of classics…

and a few not-so-classics, as it turns out…

…which I wanted to re-watch or experience for the first time. And I sprinkled in some other Halloween-related tidbits, such as info on my yearly search for THE PERFECT COSTUME. I had such a great time, I’ve decided to continue, and expand, my efforts this year!

Here’s my plan: just like last year, when I watch a horror movie, I will tell you a bit about it, rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 heartbeats for how scary each is, and tell you who I recommend it for. I promise to be careful to give spoiler alerts if I plan to reveal something important so you can enjoy the movie just like I did. Also, once again I’ll throw in Halloween-related extras along the way, such as cool facts on ghostly goings-on in the area, etc. I’d like to get your feedback on any movies you’ve seen or would like me to review, or on any Halloween events you’ve attended, as well!

Please join me as I once again try to scare myself silly (not hard to do!) during the 31 Days of Horror!

P.S. To read all of my reviews from last year’s 31 Days of Horror, simply click on “October 2010” in the archives to the right and it will take you to my reviews!


One response to “31 Days of Horror…Let the Scares Begin!

  1. I used to LOVE horror movies but can’t watch them any more in my old age. 😦 Still, I’d love to read your reviews and live vicariously!

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