One of my passions is photography, and even though I have a lot of learning still to do, I enjoy scouting, taking, and sharing my photos.

Above: Cadillac Graveyard, Amarillo, Texas (2017)

Epic Southwest Vacation 2017 335

Above: Bristlecone Pine, one of nature’s oldest living things, Utah (2017)

Above: View from Charlie’s Bunion Trail on the Appalachian Trail, North Carolina (2012)

Below (2): Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah (2014)

IMG_3345 - Copy


Tree - Copy

Below: Grand Canyon National Monument, Arizona (2014)

grand canyon1 2014 - Copy

Below: Zion National Park, Utah (2014)

zion tree

Below: Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah (2017)

2017-06-11 15.24.13

Below: Sunset, Grand Canyon National Park South Rim, Arizona (2017)

Epic Southwest Vacation 2017 213

Below: Bryce Canyon trail to Wall Street, Utah (2017)

Epic Southwest Vacation 2017 357

Below: Devil’s Garden, Grand Staircase Escalante, Utah (2017)


Below: The Continental Divide, Independence Pass, Colorado (2017)

2017-06-17 17.03.06

Below: Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina (2012)


 My favorite subjects exist in nature.

I love taking photos of  animals, flowers, trees, and birds most of all.

Above: Indianapolis Zoo (2006)

Below: Biltmore Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina (2012)








Above: Baltimore Orioles, Bloomington, IN (2018)

Below: Oliver Winery, Bloomington, IN (2011)



Like most people, I can never get enough of sunrises and sunsets.

IMG_4631 - Copy

Above: Cocoa Beach, Florida sunrise (2016)


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