Tanya Konerman is a children’s author, writing fiction and nonfiction in both prose and verse. She is represented by Mona Kanin, Associate Agent with Great Dog Literary.

Tanya is active in SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) and was Indiana SCBWI’s 2020 Helen Frost Mentorship Selectee, chosen by multi award-winning children’s author and poet Helen Frost for this honor. She is also the Newsletter Coordinator for IN SCBWI. In this role, she organizes, designs, writes (along with other contributors), edits, and publishes Indiana SCBWI’s quarterly newsletter. You can find her latest newsletter via this link: https://indiana.scbwi.org/

Before writing for children, Tanya was a freelance writer and editor. She has over twenty years of experience writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites, as well as a background in advertising and public relations. Tanya’s work has been published in At-Home Mother, Parents, Career Woman, and Employment News, as well as several technical magazines. She has written frequently for Bloomington, Indiana publications, including Bloomington Business Network and the Herald-Times. Her writing can also be found online at Livestrong, TheBump, e-How, and GlobalPost Parenting. Tanya has a dual BA in Journalism and Psychology, with a focus on childhood development, from Indiana University.

Besides volunteering with SCBWI, Tanya is also active with the Friends of the Library (Monroe County), serving on the Marian Armstrong Exhibit Committee, and served previously as a Literary Arts representative on the Arts Alliance of Greater Bloomington’s Board of Directors. She is also involved in The Writers Guild at Bloomington, AGPI (Association for Games & Puzzles International), Audubon, and the 12×12 Challenge Gold Level.

Tanya lives in the beautiful woods of Bloomington, Indiana with her husband, daughters, senior Goldendoodle, and two cats who are lobbying hard to move indoors before their next birthday. She enjoys outdoor adventures in Indiana and the Southwest, including hiking, kayaking and canoeing, and birdwatching, as well as indoor time reading and puzzling.

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