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Theme: Boogie Down: Picture Books about Dancing

Let’s Dance!

by Valerie Bolling

Illustrated by Maine Diaz

Musical rhyming couplets will inspire readers to get up and move in this fun, joyful celebration of dance styles from around the world. Exuberant illustrations feature children of diverse backgrounds and abilities, and back matter offers another look at each dance in a colorful ode to different eras and forms.

Feel the Beat: Dance Poems that Zing from Salsa to Swing

by Marilyn Singer

Illustrated by Kristi Valiant

In this delightful collection of poems celebrating dances from across the globe, each poem’s meter and style reflect that dance’s beat. Singer’s poems partner wonderfully with Valiant’s vibrant illustrations to capture each dance’s true heart. Back matter discusses styles, while a CD features the poems set to original music by Jonathan Roberts.

I Got the Rhythm

by Connie Schofield-Morrison

Illustrated by Frank Morrison

A walk in the park turns into a dance extravaganza for a girl who uses her senses and feels the beat in everything around her. With joy and rhythm, she encourages others to join in – snap, clap, tip, tap – as she expresses herself. Energetic illustrations will have readers clapping along!