Netflix’s True-Crime Documentary: Making a Murderer

making a murderer

If you’re looking for your next binge-watch and you have 10+ hours, you simply cannot miss Making a Murderer, Netflix’s new true-crime documentary. Set in Wisconsin, but with cautionary tales applicable to any state and just about any family, MAM follows the case of Steven Avery over a 10-year period, beginning as he is released from prison after serving an 18-year sentence on a wrongful rape conviction. Not long after gaining his freedom, Avery files a lawsuit against the local police force responsible for his wrongful conviction. He is then arrested by the very police officials he is suing (along with his nephew Brendan Dassey, a learning disabled 16-year-old who is manipulated and tricked into a confession by investigators and even his own lawyer), for the rape and murder of a local woman.

MAM takes us step by step through the years, through the court process, and through the gut-wrenching aftermath of Steven’s and Brendan’s cases. Via interviews, in-court filming, press conferences, and local news footage, MAM showcases the trial, lawyers, and deeply flawed justice system in place today, while personalizing the accused and their family members. And it will leave you thinking long after the final episode, thinking and hoping and praying that this kind of thing never happens to you or anyone you love.


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