10 Mad Gifts For Teen Girls LOL!

If you’re like me and are drowning in female teen hormones in your house, or have a family member who is, you might still be searching for that tres cool must-have to give that special teen girl. Look no further: I’ve uncovered some great items sure to show you’re killin’ it this season…KK? Dats right. Time to Turn Up! YAAASSSSSSS!

1. Selfie Taker: for those hard-to-reach bathroom shots.

selfie monopod


2. Earbuds: so she can continue to ignore you, especially in the car.


3. Nutella: 11 pound jar to get her through until New Year’s Day.


nutella supersized


4. Leggings: she wears them everywhere anyway, so why not stock up?!

Leggings - true black

5. Starbucks Cup: doesn’t matter if it’s full or not since it’s a prop for her selfie!

starbucks cup


6. Personal Crossing Guard: so she doesn’t have to stop texting while crossing the street.

crossing guard

7. 5 More Minutes Clock: slows down time so her 30 more minutes of getting ready appears to take only the promised five!

girl clock


8: More Followers: Hit up every teen  you know (or don’t) to follow your teen on social media for increased social status!



9. Duck Lip Gloss: so her duck lip photos show only shiny and soft lips.

duck lips

10. Cookie Dough: Whip her up a fresh batch for her Pretty Little Liars marathon!

cookie dough




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