31 Days of Horror: The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georga (R; 2013; 100 min.)

haunting of connecticut 2

After loving the scares from The Haunting in Connecticut, I was anxious to see THIC 2! Unfortunately, like most sequels, this installment left much to be desired.

The setting: 1993 rural Georgia, where these events supposedly occurred. The I-refuse-to-believe-that-weird-and-unexplainable-things-are-really-happening-despite-my-meds Mom: an unbelievably skinny (yet curvy), and gorgeous, country-girl named Lisa who is settling into a new house along with her forgettable husband (see, I can’t even remember his name), daughter Heidi (a bright spot in the movie), and also-gorgeous sister, Joyce. Seems the females in this family have a “gift,” you see, and are able to see things others can’t because they were born with a veil on their faces. O-kay.

Now, this new abode is located, it turns out, on the property which used to house a Stationmaster of the Underground Railroad (a taxidermist by trade), and later was owned by a bigoted Mr. Gordy, and which is still haunted by many ghosts and, um, others. As Heidi continues to speak to dead people and goes missing again and again, and Lisa continues to deny her “gift” while curled up half-submerged in a tub, and Joyce continues to be the cool cowboy boot-wearing Aunt, and what’s-his-name is forced to leave his day job as a police officer over and over without getting fired, the tension builds until finally, the family is forced to discover the property’s true past to try to save their daughter once and for all.

To be fair, while the first half of the movie nearly left me comatose, the action and scares did pick up a little after the mid-way point. Never was I truly terrified or jumpy or any of those reactions I look for in a scary movie. It was all just a little too, well, boring. If you want to learn more about the Underground Railroad, well, this movie is not really for you. And if you want a good scare, well, again, not for you. But if you need something long to sleep by, you’ve found your match.

*Top Scare: Creature man in long coat

*Heartbeats: 2 out of 5

*Gore Factor: 2 3/4 out of 5

*Suspense Factor: 2 out of 5

*Recommended for: 16 and up, due to theme and gore


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