31 Days of Horror Movie: Urban Legends (1998; R; 99 min)

Nothing like a good urban legend to base a series of murders on, huh? At least that’s what’s happening at Pendleton College in New Hampshire, where a group of college friends begin disappearing one by one to the tune of famous urban legends.

But who could be the one doing such a thing? Could it be Professor Wexler, who was the sole survivor of a massacre at the school 25 years ago and who teaches a class each year on urban legends (think “pop rocks and soda will make your stomach explode” and “two teenagers parked in a car in a remote area are stalked and killed”). Or could it be a creepy, quiet janitor who roams the school hallways watching the kids? Or perhaps someone like the Dean of Students who’s only worried about the school’s rep, or a local campus police officer Reese (played by the always amazing Loretta Devine) who channels Foxy Brown? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s one of the kids themselves, offing classmates one by one?

And of course, the next question is “Why”? Why are the kids being slayed and why in such an artistic manner? Or are they simply victims of a random killer, or killers, who just happen to use a style that fits in with the urban legends that are so popular and renowned?

And, finally, my own personal questions: Why does everyone in the movie seem to own the same oversized parka? Was it on special on QVC one day? Didn’t it come in any other colors?

The answers to these questions (well, all but the last set) are offered up in the final minutes, with a bonus of TWO surprise-twist endings. Just don’t answer the phone while you’re watching this movie and babysitting…the killer on the other end just may be upstairs!

  • Top Scare: Creepy Janitor
  • Heartbeats: 2  out of 5
  • Gore factor: 2 out of 5
  • Suspense factor: 3 1/2 out of 5
  • Recommended for: 15 and up

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