Bug (R; 2006; 102 min.)

Today’s review was supposed to be of Haunting in Connecticut. However, my local library switched my copy with a Discovery Channel special titled Haunting: A Haunting in Connecticut. Not the same…I’ll review the real movie soon. Luckily, or actually unluckily, I had a backup on hand: Bug.

My first red flag should have been when I found this movie in the 2 for $1 aisle at my local video store. However, I’ve always loved movies with Ashley Judd and Harry Connick Jr., so I thought I’d give it a chance. Billed as a horror/thriller movie, it seemed to fit in nicely with my 31 Days of Horror.

Bug is about a woman named Agnes, who lives in a remote hotel room and works in a honkeytonk by night. A man she’s barely met helps her over her lonliness, but slowly (oh, so slowly) convinces her the room and their bodies are infested with government-planted aphids. That’s it…that’s basically the whole story, with an abusive ex-husband thrown in for good measure.

Let me just say, this is perhaps one of the worst movies I have ever seen (yes, worst than Ishtar and all of Jim Carrey’s movies except The Truman Show)! The build-up is excruciatingly slow and there was absolutely nothing scary about it (except the frequent full frontal nudity of lead actor Michael Shannon…why, oh why, couldn’t it have been HC Jr?). The movie is more weird than anything, more a pathetic attempt to show the development of SPOILER ALERT: a psychosis.

Still, I sloshed through this movie so that you wont’ have to…save your money (even if it’s free…step away) and time! That said, AJ and HC Jr. actually both put in very fine performances.

  • Top Scare: None
  • Heartbeats: 0 out of 5
  • Gore factor: 2 3/4 at the end
  • Suspense: 1/4 maybe
  • Bore factor: 5 out of 5
  • Psycho factor: 4 out of 5
  • Recommended for: Your worst enemy. Is rated “R” for language, drug usage/drinking, intimacy, and lots of nudity, male and female.

Next up: The Grudge


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