31 Days of Horror Has Begun!

October is finally here…I’ve been counting down for weeks (actually months).


As a huge fan of Halloween (the holiday and the movie) and the horror movie genre, every year I save all the horror movies which have come out so that I can watch them in October. I’ve fallen behind in the past couple of years, so this year I decided I would try to watch one every day of October (enter eye roll from my husband and a “Cool!” from my almost-teen). What I then hope to do is tell you a bit about each movie, rate them on a scale of 1 to 5 heartbeats for how scary each is, and tell you who I recommend it for. I promise to be careful to give spoiler alerts if I plan to reveal something important so you can enjoy the movie just like I did.

Also, I’ll throw in some general Halloween tidbits along the way…cool facts, info on area events, etc. And as I search high and low for my own costume to outdo last year’s award-winning Octomom, I’ll bring you along on that search too and probably ask for feedback and ideas along the way.


So if you are looking for a good scare this season and aren’t sure what to watch, or simply want to laugh at me as I scare myself silly (admittedly not hard to do), check back every day of October for my 31 Days of Horror!


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