What’s the SCARIEST movie you’ve ever seen?

So before I begin my 31 Days of Horror project on October 1st, I’d like to know what are the three top scary movies you have ever seen? These can be spooky-scary, gory-scary, creepy-scary, or even funny-scary. They can be contemporary or classic. If it’s a remake or was re-made later on, let me know which version you prefer too. Just let me know the name and year of the movie, no spoilers please!


6 responses to “What’s the SCARIEST movie you’ve ever seen?

  1. 1. The Shining.
    2. The Exorcist.
    3. That movie with the girl that crawled out of the well and the phone rang can’t remember the name – I mentally blocked it out.

  2. Top 3 Horror Films

    Rosemary’s Baby
    The Shining

  3. Top Scary Movies?
    The Shining
    The Shining
    The Shining

  4. In no particular order:

    1. The Shining – One of the few movies that is better than the book!
    2. The Entity – It’s probably not scary now, but when I was a kid the thought that this movie was supposedly based on a true story freaked me out.
    3. Salem’s Lot – When the head vampire was able to overpower the priest I was beside myself. The vampires climbing in slow motion out of their tomb towards the end of the movie…aaargh!
    4. Jeepers Creepers – I know this movie was targeted for teens, but the ending of this movie scared the *&#$ out of me. The good guys don’t always win?!!
    5. Wolf Creek – Another unsettling movie because the good guys don’t win. If you haven’t seen it yet I won’t spoil it, but the “head on a stick” reference left me sleepless…
    6. The Amityville Horror – Another one of those old late 1970s/early 1980s movies that is probably not scary today. However, when I was a kid I went to YMCA camp and one of the counselors was friends with the guy who killed his entire family in that house. The counselor told us this guy spent a year insisting that there was a presence in that house talking to him…ugh! It gave that movie a different meaning to me.

    If I think any more I will add them later!

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